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Animal Homes

Graham Cracker House

Homes:  Book

Homes And Other Dwellings

Milk Carton House Craft

Native Americans:  Special Homes

Printable Paper House Craft

School House Paper Craft

Snowy Rooftops

The White House

Word Family House

Print out two and use for ate, and ake, word families.

Spelling Words

60 Ways To Practice Spelling

jelly belly
bunny funny
furry hurry
take came
world over

Take a practice spelling test

Word Power:  Practice Reading

Words to Remember:   above different hold old warm water years (Bonus Words)

This kind of house can hold lots of people.  It's different than our old house.  We have lived here for two years.  My friend Jack and his family live above us.  The park near us has a pond.  On warm days, Jack and I play by the water.

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