Fun With Fish


Book Of Fun Fish Facts

Fish Cam


Fun Stuff To Do

Ish Word Family

Rainbow Fish Slide Puzzle


The Lonely Starfish

Word Builder Sh

Select consonants diagraphs sh.

Word Family House

Print out three and use for ish, ork, and orn, word families.





Word Match Sh

Select consonants diagraphs sh.


Word Search Sh

Select consonants diagraphs sh.


Spelling Words

60 Ways To Practice Spelling

ship shop
shot wish
dish dash
for more
be try

Take a practice spelling test

Word Power:  Practice Reading

Words to Remember:   away food funny hide how many some their (Bonus Words)

Little fish are food for big fish.

Some little fish hide from big fish.  Many little fish just swim away fast.

Some fish look funny to us.  How do some fish help their friends?  You'll see!

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