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I Am A Butterfly

Butterfly Activities

Butterflies And Bugs

Butterfly Cams

Butterfly World

Fun Butterfly Activities

Grow A Butterfly Garden


The Butterfly Website

Where Do Butterflies Come From?

Word Builder ch

Select consonants diagraphs ch.

Word Family House

Print out two and use for atch,  and ish, word families.


Word Match Ch

Select consonants diagraphs ch.


Word Search Ch

Select consonants diagraphs ch.


Spelling Words

60 Ways To Practice Spelling

chip chin
inch catch
match itch
wish shop
how many

Take a practice spelling test

Word Power:  Practice Reading

Words to Remember:   air animals around fly live soon turns (Bonus Words)

Many animals live around here.  We live here, too.  We fly in the air all day.

Soon the day will end.  We look for a spot to stop.  When day turns to night, we rest.

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